Automate Towel Operations at Resort Hotels!

Today, one of the areas where towel use is most intense is resort hotels. Towels are the first thing that comes to mind in areas such as pool, spa and beach. Therefore, there is a need for a towel tracking system designed to automate and control the towel processes in these regions. At this point, Havlumat comes into play. Thanks to this towel tracking system, which is very simple to use, both the user and the business owner are smiling. The business turns into a more modern and hygienic facility. Apart from these, what kind of contributions does Havlumat make to the business owner?


It reduces employee costs!

Of course, reducing costs in hotels is the most important step on the road to the land. Towel is a towel tracking system that will greatly contribute to reducing costs and increasing the quality of service. Because with Havlumat, guests will buy their towels from Havlumat. you won’t need staff. This means a serious reduction in personnel costs for the employer.

It prevents towel losses!

After the guests receive their towels from Havlumat with their wristband or cards, they are recorded in their accounts and then these used towels are thrown into the dirty towel chamber. Thanks to washable chip labels, loss and theft situations on towels are prevented and reduced and lost towels become history. Towels that are additionally received or not delivered are charged extra, which helps your facility to gain profits and reduces the use of towels. At the same time, when the number of towels in Havlumat drops to a critical level, the staff is notified, so the towels in Havlumat are never finished and the towel operations are much easier.

Reduce expenses!

In addition to the reduction of personnel costs, washing costs are reduced by 40% thanks to Havlumat. This contributes to the efficient use of resources and is also your best friend in saving time. Thanks to all these savings, you will transform your facility into a more environmentally friendly facility.

If you want to transform into an environmentally friendly hygienic facility with high customer satisfaction and maximum service quality, give yourself and your guests the Havlumat experience.

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