How Do You Provide a Hygienic Sports Facility ?

Sports facilities are businesses with a large number of members.

When this is the case, hygiene is one of the most important rules to be observed in these facilities where there are many members.

So how do you ensure the hygiene of your sports facility?

Many people become members of these clubs with different purposes, goals, and dreams and work in line with them, they sweat.

These environments, where there are many members, may of course not be considered very good in terms of hygiene.

Members who use sports equipment without towels create an unhygienic environment for the next person who will use the equipment.

Of course, no member wants to use unhygienic equipment. It is essential that all members use towels for a more hygienic sports experience.

Thus, all members can do their workout comfortably when the hygiene of the club is protected.


Make your sports facility more hygienic with Havlumat.


With Havlumat, which is a smart towel tracking system, you can offer clean towels to the members of your facility and provide a more hygienic service in your facility.

Moreover, with Havlumat, you can limit the amount of towel usage of members and charge extra uses.

Are you afraid of your towels being lost or stolen?

Do not worry! Thanks to the washable chips on it, Havlumat tracks each of your towels and prevents towel loss up to 100%.

Members cannot leave the gym without leaving the towels they use in the dirty towel container. In this way, you can be sure that no towels are lost in your facility.

If you are a business that already offers towels to your members, you can reduce your lost towel costs and save money by tracking your towels thanks to Havlumat.


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