How Does Havlumat Work?

Briefly Havlumat

We mentioned the benefits of Havlumat and what it adds to facilities in our previous blog posts. Briefly, Havlumat is a towel tracking system that automates the use of towels in gyms, resort hotels and similar businesses. By tracking towels, it prevents events such as lost / stolen, and reduces costs. So how does Havlumat work? Let’s examine it together.

Havlumat provides users a different experience, by allowing them to get their towels from the vending machine in businesses such as gyms, resort hotels and aquaparks, thus minimizing the number of personnel required for towel operations and reducing costs.

How Does Havlumat Work?

By entering the PIN code provided to them, swiping the wristband or card, users open the door of Havlumat and close the door after taking clean towels, so that Havlumat is ready for the next user. Thanks to the washable chips inside the towels, the towels are monitored instantly and undesirable situations such as lost / stolen are prevented.

After the users are done with the towel, all they have to do is leave the towel they used in the dirty reservoir before leaving the facility. If the users do not leave the towel in the dirty reservoir, they can not exit the facility and receive warnings on the turnstiles. Facilities can limit the amount of towel usage allowed per person and create an extra source of income by charging extra uses.

As you can see, Havlumat is very easy to use and practical. When the towel level drops to a critical point, it is ensured that there are always clean towels in the Havlumat by sending a notification to the facility staff. Since the amount of towel usage is limited and extra usage is charged, a significant decrease in washing costs is observed due to the decrease in towel usage amount.

In short, Havlumat provides a brand new experience and convenience for users, while providing facilities to gain cost and time advantage. Tracking the towels reduces unwanted situations such as stolen and loss to zero, thus avoiding lost towel costs.


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