How to Reduce Laundry Costs at Resort Hotels & Fitness Clubs ?

If you are running a hotel or a sport centre, you probably may know how much laundry cost does these facilities have. To be a more profitable and cost efficient facility, you have to reduce the laundry costs, as well as all the other cost items. High costs may slow down the growth of your facility and that not something anyone would want. So what do we do ? 

Tracking the towels is absolutely a great idea especially for these types of facilities. Hotels and resorts has extremely high towel costs and according to that, high laundry costs as well. Hundreds of towels are being lost and stolen in these facilities and a solution was needed. Replacing all those lost towels with the new ones costs too much to the facility, especially if it’s a big one. Well, the solution that we all have been waiting for is here : Havlumat Towel Tracking System. 

Havlumat was especially designed for resort hotels, fitness clubs, studios, SPAs and waterparks, the system enables you to track all the towels within the facility and prevents towel losses to %100. You can limit the towel allowance per member and charge the extra usage. Havlumat also reduces the towel usage and decreases laundry costs as well which is amazing.

People are using lesser towel when they know the towels are being tracked. Members and guests also can’t check out from the turnstile without putting the towel back in to the dirty bin. By this way, towel losses and thefts are being prevented by %100 and no more increasing towel costs exist. 

Let Havlumat track your towels and reduce your laundry costs, by this way you can start investing in what matters instead of replacing lost towels.


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