Increase The Profit Of Your Business With Havlumat

With Havlumat, you can provide real-time tracking of towel usage and post-use in your facility. It allows you to get regular data and helps you to organize operational plans with its solid reports. Havlumat increases profitability by reducing operational costs and customer satisfaction with the use of hygienic towels.


1- Real time tracking:

Thanks to the washable chips inside the towel, Havlumat allows you to track all the towels in your facility in real time.

2- Prevents losses:

When leaving the facility, the members have to leave the towels in the dirty reservoir, otherwise they cannot get out. The chips also ensure that the towels stay within the facility.

3- Increases profitability:

Replacing lost and stolen towels constantly causes serious costs. With Havlumat, you can reduce towel losses to zero and take the first step towards becoming a more profitable facility.

4- Facilitates operations:

Havlumat sends a notification to employees when the number of towels in the clean towel chamber drops to a critical level. This way you can be sure that there is always a sufficient number of clean towels in the clean towel chamber. Moreover, since the members buy the towels themselves, there is no need for extra staff and the costs are reduced in this way.

5- Evaluate the situation with reports:

Havlumat offers you detailed and easy to read reports on towel usage. In this way, you can get more information about the current situation and, if necessary, take action to correct the situation.

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