Towel Reporting System Havlumat

Daily, monthly and annual towel usage in the facilities such as gyms, aquaparks, hotels are quite high. In these facilities, where there are many towels, it becomes difficult and complicated to follow the towels, and unwanted results may occur when attention is not paid.

By following the towels effectively, preventing losses and reducing the washing costs by adjusting the washing cycle well, it will save a great amount of money for these facilities in the long term.

In these facilities where towels are constantly lost and stolen, this leads to an increase in towel and washing costs, thus reducing the profitability of the business in the medium and long term. The intensive use of towels, the high number of towels and the size of the facilities make it difficult to keep track of all towels and the loss and theft of towels cannot be prevented. This led to the need for a towel tracking system.

Havlumat is a towel tracking system that monitors all the towels in the facility thanks to the washable chips inside the towels, which allows the guests and members of the facility to take the towels themselves, and prevents the losses and stolen. It allows instant follow-up of the towels, and when the towels in the vending machine falls to a critical level, it sends a warning to the facility staff and ensures that the number of towels in the vending machine is kept at a sufficient level. With Havlumat, it is also possible to set a limit on the number of towels allowed per member / guest and to charge extra uses. In this way, unnecessary towel usage is lowered significantly, since the extra uses can be charged in the amount determined by the facility manager, you can create an additional income item and add profit to your business profit. Facility members and guests are more careful when they know that towels are being followed, and events such as towel loss and theft are prevented up to 100%.

How is Havlumat used?

Havlumat is a user-friendly system that allows members / guests to provide their own towels. When people read the tools such as PIN / wristband / card to the reader in the vending machine, the door opens and the person takes the towel. Then the vending machine closes the door and its ready for the next user.

Towels can be followed instantly from the moment the person takes the towel from the vending machine. When the person is done with the towel, he must leave the towel in the dirty towel bin. If the person tries to leave the facility with the towel without leaving the towel to the dirty bin, he is warned by the system. In this way, stolen and losses are prevented 100%. Thanks to this system, which is very beneficial for both users and facility management, the personnel costs are reduced and the profitability  of the company is being increased, since the users provide their towels themselves without the need for any staff.


What does Havlumat change in your facility?

The Havlumat Towel Tracking System reports the towel usage, number of towels, washing costs and many more parameters to you at intervals you specify. In this way, you can constantly monitor the current situation in your facility and take the necessary measures, and take the necessary steps to become a more profitable business without delay. Although it may seem like minor problems at first, situations such as towel losses and thefts will cause rising costs, not being able to follow up are situations that can seriously affect the profitability of the business in the medium and long term and may lead to undesirable consequences if measures are not taken. By integrating the Havlumat Towel Tracking system into your facility, you can eliminate all these problems and take firm steps towards becoming a more profitable business where towel-related operations are managed more professionally.


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