Towel Tracking at Pools & Waterparks

Pools & Waterparks 

Towel Tracking at Pools & Aquaparks

Pools and waterparks are the first places to come to mind when we want to relax and freshen up in the hot and depressing summer days. It makes people happy to be cheeck by jowl with the water. These places are the best places to go to have some fun and passing good time. 

Towel Losses 

At some of the waterparks or pools, towels are provided to guests, at some of them it’s not. However, if we think about a waterpark or a pool where towels are being provided to the guests, it won’t take a long time to realize that hundreds and thousands of towels could get taken away by the guests. Unfortunately, many guests think that the towels provided to them are theirs to take while others simply take it with themselves just by mistake.  Even if it’s not on purpose, this issue causes the pool or waterpark managements losing thousands of dollars every year. 

Increasing Towel Costs 

According to this, the towel thefts and losses creates a huge cost to the facility management. 

Cause they have to replace that hundreds and thousands of towels stolen and taken away with the new ones. Increasing costs are not a kind of something that a facility which wants to grow would like. The key to grow and success is low cost high revenue. But how to reduce the costs ?

Towel Tracking For Pools & Waterparks

Thankfully, there’s a way to reduce your towel costs of your pool or waterpark. You won’t lose any of your towels ever again by Havlumat. 

Havlumat is a smart towel tracking system especially designed for hotels, pools, waterparks and fitness clubs, which grants you absolute control on all of your towels within the waterpark or pool. 

With it’s innovative technology, Havlumat Towel Tracking System for Pools & Waterparks prevents towel losses and thefts by %100. You won’t lose any of your towels ever again. No more towel cost, no more towel losses ! 

Besides, Havlumat Towel Tracking System for Pools & Waterparks also allows you to limit the towel usage allowance per guests and enables you to charge the extra usage from guests. 

At pools & waterparks, hundreds and thousand towels are being used every day. Loss rate is quite high. Let Havlumat Towel Tracking System for Pools & Waterparks track your towels and start saving money. 

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