What Does Havlumat Change In Your Facility?

Facilities such as gyms, hotels, water parks, facilities where towels are offered to the guests and where the number of towels is high. Havlumat is a specially designed and developed towel tracking system for the facilities where high number of towels are used. So what does Havlumat change at your facility?

Towels are mostly offered free of charge to the guests in most of the mentioned facilities. This increases the number of towel losses and stolen towels, accordingly towel costs increase.

Havlumat prevents your unwanted situations and makes your facility a much more perfect place. Let’s take a look at what Havlumat can change in your facility:


  • Havlumat turns your facility into a facility that can track all its towels.
  • Prevents loss and stolen situations in towels, prevents 100% of losses
  • Turns your facility into a saving facility
  • Guests now receive towels from Havlumat, with their PINs, wristbands or cards
  • No additional staff is required, as guests receive towels from Havlumat themselves, and staff costs are reduced.
  • When the number of towels in Havlumat decreases to a critical level, the staff receives a notification so that the towels in Havlumat never end
  • Costs are significantly reduced as towel losses are avoided
  • Reduces unit towel washing cost
  • Guests do not attempt to take the towels with them as they know that the towels are being tracked
  • If the used towel is not returned to the dirty bin or if the guest tries to take the towel with them, a warning will appear in the exit turnstile.
  • You can limit the use of towels per person
  • Helps build a facility that earns more from towels by charging extra uses
  • Your facility becomes a facility where unnecessary use of towels is minimized.
  • A more hygienic service is offered
  • Your facility transforms into the highest level of user experience
  • Your washing costs are reduced as it reduces the use of unnecessary towels, your facility becomes a more environmentally friendly facility.


Havlumat is definitely an innovative product that will make your facility a perfect place. Contact us and get a quote to start saving and increase the user experience of your guests.


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